ONBUX : the 2nd top ptc company

we all know that

neobux is the top ptc site in the hole world
but we want more trusted companies !!

so ,we have get for you this big registered ptc company which already have a huge trust from the hole all

at first and as usual you have to get an electronic bank account - don't worry it's free
and we suggest for you alertpay which is the most improved and allowed ebank in the web

to know more about alertpay registeration and get verefied steps from here ( under writing  )

onbux features

* 1 cent per click
* 4+ ads daily
* minimum payout 2 $
* instant payout
* 0.50 cent per refferral click

it's so easy to register in onbux
click this banner and follow the instructions

click the banner bellow to go to the sit
onbux -- your way to make ptc money


note: if you haven't register yet in neobux the #1 ptc site, don't waste your time and register now from here

now start your ways at onbux and we will give you the top ptc sites latest news

how to earn money from onbux
after login your account just click in the 
"view advertisements"
which will show you anew page included 4 ads you have 
 to click this ads to make money from it
every ad you click you wil get 1 cent from it
but don't open 2 ads or more by one time
and every ad you click will open in a new window and there will be atimer in the top corner of the page
just wait and after complete you can close the ad and view the next one

but thatisn't the only way to earn money from onbux
the best way is the refferrals
and you will get 0.5 cent for every refferral click
imagine if you have 500 active refferrals
you will make easy money
to get your refferral link; from the onbux home page click in banners
and copy your refferral link to your friends in emails and to the froums or your websites to get much much more refferrals and money too

the best ebank in the hole web

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