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attention "How the Google Farmer Update Can Increase Your Profits by 28% or More"

attention "How the Google Farmer Update Can Increase Your Profits by 28% or More"

Dear Warrior,

If you're struggling with the Google Farmer update then you're going to be
blown away!

But first... does this sound like you?

• Are you tired of being threatened by Google every few weeks?
• Do you see your Adsense and Clickbank profits decreasing?
• Are you just plain sick and tired of trying to keep up with Google?

If so, you're really going to get a lot out of what I have to share with you.

That's because...
This Is Your Chance To Easily Increase
Your Profits in Less Than 52 Minutes

I found a simple way to "beat" the Google Farmer update in less than
one hour. It's so simple.

I know that sounds crazy… and it's hard to believe. Trust me, I definitely
think you should be skeptical.

But, here's what I discovered:

How to find super hot and fresh "Farmer Friendly" keywords in 2 clicks (it's easy!)
• How to suck more raw profit out of any niche web site… it's takes just 3-4 minutes
How to totally eliminate painful updates to your web site (but make 28% more money!)
• How to extract the raw profits from any niche site or authority site… SUPER FAST
How to generate NEW BUYERS who are foaming-at-the-mouth to click and buy now

These are just some of the huge benefits…

Sounds so crazy and so wild, I know… but this works and get this… it will
always work. In fact, it's been working for me for more than 4 years now.

And, listen --

Here's What My CUSTOMERS
Have Said About My Training:

“My sites are producing better results everyday…”

Thank you John for creating such valuable programs and sharing your
information. Your personal support when there are questions should be
commended and is greatly appreciated!”
~ John Racine
 “He is Freaking Amazing!

John gets deep into it and I love his passion, he is freaking amazing!!! I
have ADD and I have NEVER had anyone keep my attention for so long…

I was so fired up that I could NOT sleep last night at all last

I am STILL fired up. I hit today with John’s philosophy, Kick Ass

And Take Names!!

John Rhodes, you ROCK my friend!!!

~ Trish Oleary

“Like a combination of mainlining cocaine and sucking on a fire hose.”

One of the lessons you empasize in all your material that I’ve read is to
overdeliver. You take that to the extreme.

Being on the receiving end feels like a combination of mainlining cocaine
and sucking on a fire hose.

In fact, I suspect that most most internet marketing coaches are yelling at
John right now for devaluing the material that they are trying to sell.

~ Greg Forsthoefel

“John S. Rhodes is a thorough, innovative teacher who knows this business…”

John’s courses OVERFLOW with the real day-to-day common sense
practices that’ll have you and your team cranking out choice, targeted
evergreen content right away.

~ Blaine Fallis
Those are some really nice testimonials… they make me blush…
but what really matters is financial proof.

So, I'm going to show you how one Adsense account has gone up by 28%
since January 2011. We're looking at BEFORE the Farmer Update and
AFTER the Farmer Update.

(And remember, this is just ONE simple little account… I'm seeing this
exact same type of profit increase for all of my sites. It's pure awesome.)

Check this out…  
(Before Google Farmer)

MARCH 2011
(After Google Farmer)

Now that you can see it really does work... even on those silly little niche
web sites that just extract "autopilot cash" using nothing more than
Google Adsense.

Now, imagine your own web sites in a super hot niche… pulling in
serious cash from Clickbank, eBay, Adsense, direct product sales
and more…

Here's Why THIS WORKS!

As you know, the way that everyone else tells you to "beat Google" … just
doesn't work. These guys are brilliant and they've got Ph.D.'s and they
eat-drink-breathe search engine stuff.

You know that and I know that. If you could "beat Google" you wouldn't
care about the Google Farmer update and you wouldn't care about SEO.

But listen --!

There is a solution… it's just strange compared to what most people think.
Here's what I mean:

First, when you know exactly how to focus on people exactly the
right way then Google can never cause you pain again.
Search engine optimization ("SEO") is a breeze if you focus on prospects
and customers in these very specific ways.

Second, when you're using "fresh keywords" from your OWN
secret and private source, Google can never touch you or freak
you out.
No way! This is my number one way to get perfect keywords for
any niche site. It always works and usually takes just 2-3 simple clicks.

Third, when you ignore certain deadly pitfalls of web page design
and when you avoid "SEO killing" HTML landmines, everything
falls into place.
You save hours and hours of time… getting you web
sites set up exactly right is INSANELY SIMPLE.

Fourth, when you understand and easily use my "Length
Guidelines" you can pretty much ignore everything else and focus

on those money-pulling factors that will kill off your car payment and wipe
out the mortgage.

Fifth, when you use my three best backlinking techniques you will
gain incredible speed and power
, with the ability to get indexed and
ranked in less than 24 hours. Even better, you will continue to move up to
Page 1 on Google without any extra effort. This is "RAW SPEED" SEO.

There's more… and it's awesome, right?

So, I know that this might be a lot to understand. That's why I put
everything together in an extremely simple new program that you can
access instantly. I know you want to avoid the pain of the Google Farmer
update… and you want to avoid the pain of any future Google update.

This is what I'm going to do to help you… right now…

The Google Farmer Force Field


 I developed the Google Farmer Force Field training program when my
email inbox was FLOODED with questions about Google's latest algorithm

So many people asked me questions and they were worried about what
Google was going to do to their web sites and blogs.

Well, based on all the feedback I've already received, I'm absolutely
certain that the Google Farmer Force Field will PROTECT YOU too…
just like my students and coaching clients.

I developed this training program so that you can avoid getting destroyed
by the Google Farmer update and any future updates… you become SEO
invincible… FAST!

You'll discover:

How to spend less time working but get three times as much traffic
• How to scoop up the best keywords in your niche from the "perfect SEO pool"
How to make one small adjustment in Wordpress to skim easy traffic from Google
• How to radically increase your traffic success on any blog (works in any niche!)
How to quickly and easily optimize any image to increase web traffic (it's free!)
• How to get EzineArticles Platinum status in less than 48 hours ("dumb-n-simple")
How to find unlimited opportunities for ultra high quality backlinks in any niche
• How to magnetically attract backlinks to your "money sites" from Facebook
And much more…!

OK, so I know this sounds like the price is going to be high… the value is
insane and this training course is exactly what you need to avoid the
Google Farmer "Pitchfork of Doom"

Although you might be worried about the price… fear not!

Access To the Google Farmer Force Field
Is Only $5 … For Now… But It WILL INCREASE!

Look, I bet you're wondering, "Why is this so cheap?"

I mean, after all… these are proven strategies that work and most
people would charge at least $17 or even $27 for this kind of high quality

My rock bottom price is confusing… I know!

But, to be perfectly honestly, it's important to me to give my customers
outstanding value. It's good for my reputation. It allows me to reach
more people.

More importantly, I'm looking for testimonials, case studies and feedback,
so that I can make even more improvements and jack the price up to
$37 or $47, or even $97 which is what I charge for almost everything
these days.

OK, so I'm not saying that I'll keep the price this low forever. Got it?

But don't worry at all… that's because if you ACT NOW you can enjoy the

The Price Increases Every 77 Sales!

The first 77 copies will sell at just $5.

The next 77 copies will sell at $6.

The next 77 copies after that will be $7.

Who knows how high we'll go… act now. Lock in the lowest possible price.

And, just to take the risk off the table completely…

Your Investment is Guaranteed for SIX MONTHS!

Yes, I'm eating all the risk. If you don't completely and totally enjoy this
then I don't want your money in my pocket.

Sent me a note and I'll happily refund all your money. I doubt you'll want
a refund based on all the feedback about my products but no
worries… I've got you covered. The risk is on me.

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Sounds pretty fair, right?

And, let's do a quick review –

Here's Everything You're Getting Instantly:

You're getting your hands on everything you need to avoid the pain of
Google updates. When they change their algorithms… you get to LAUGH

Here a short list of what you'll learn when you act today!

How to get on the 1st page of Google with very little effort (very simple!)
• How to understand your most important "profit numbers" in 45 seconds
How to use the 6 most important HTML tags to fix any SEO problems FAST
• How to reinvest a few bucks but generate hundreds of extra dollars per week
How to set up a super-click-crazy author resource bio box in less than 1 minute
• How to set up your META tags in a way that forces Google to always love you
How to magnetically attract backlinks to your "money sites" from Facebook
• And much more!

I'm giving you full access to three video training modules plus a simple but
powerful mindmap so that you can easily follow along and take INSTANT

With that said...

Here's What You Need To Do Now:

I've made this super simple.

As soon as you sign up you’ll get instant access to everything I
mentioned – you'll get all the videos, the mindmap, a special cheatsheet
and even some cool bonus material. You'll get everything… no waiting!

So, click on the "BUY NOW" button below….

Pay with PayPal. Then, you'll get your receipt, instant access and even a
nice follow up email. It's simple!

The process is extremely simple and you can look forward to serious
"Google protection" in less than 1 hour. So go ahead and order right
now and I'll see you on the "other side":

All the best,

~ John

P.S. The price keeps going up! Lock in your price before the price increases
again. It's still dirt cheap!

P.P.S. Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose because of of my
SIX MONTH guarantee. Time is running out.

P.P.S. Aren't you tired of Google pushing you around? Don't YOU
want to be the boss? Don't you want Google to obey you... don't you want
control? And, think about the safety and security of the Google Farmer
Force Field. Never let them bully you again. You're in control here...

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see why Jennifer Aniston's home = $42 million !!

see why Jennifer Aniston's  home = $42 million !!

The immaculate 10,000-square foot home is now listed by Coldwell Banker Previews International for $42 million. 

Where privacy and security are key
In keeping with Aniston's A-list status, the Beverly Hills estate is completely private and secure. There is a long gated drive, high-tech home security system and a biometric lock on the wine cellar and built-in jewelry cabinet.

 jennifer aniston
i love you

exclussive : Jennifer Aniston Rocks Revealing Orange Dress

yes sweet heart ,It can't be denied: Jennifer Aniston's got great style. But she's known for playing it a bit safe. She rarely steps outside her safe zone of black, gray and beige dresses. But on Thursday night, the 'Horrible Bosses' star came to play.

According to UsMagazine.com, the 42-year-old star rocked a short, cleavage-bearing orange Vivienne Westwood dress that left very little to the imagination. Her newly shorn hair was super blonde and tousled. Bottom line, she looked hot.

Aniston was promoting her new self-titled perfume at Sephora in New York City. See the full look after the jump.