new program from adsense ( adsense for games ) exclussive !!

how are you my friends
       as always we have get for you avery big surprise

we all know that

google adsense give us three kind of ads :

text ads
image ads
and video ads

but now google adsense have decide to make a new ad programs
it named google in-game advertising
the new program is ofcource allowed for the online games

and the minimum requirement for the program is :

500 thousand play per day
online game and web based designed by flash
the game content must be compatible with the adsense tos ( like no adult content allowed ) and must be safe for family and targeted for users above 13 y .
the destribution must be allowed to report embed destination and have control over where games are distributed
it's very important to be capable with sdk integration
and the real hard request is that : your traffic source must be at least 80% us and uk traffic source .

the new adsense for games program is in beta time

to join the program in beta phase from here
to view more about the publishers benefits and earnings from here

the top publishers and networks which already join google adsense in-game advertising :
 enjoy with the new adsense for games program
our best wishes

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