neobux the best ptc site 2010

                    too many people are looking for prophets from the internet, and one of the top ways to make some cash from the internet is the ptc sites .

to know what is the ptc exactly mean from here ( under writing )


remember my friend ' your real money earnings from the ptc sites caming from refferrals
it mean more refferrals = more commission = more money

Why Neobux ?
Neobux is one of the best ptc sites in the internet from 2008 to now !!
and have too many features like :
- free registeration and start earning money .
- instant payout .

- 1 cent per ad view .

- accept the ebanks : alert pay/paypal/neteller.
- the used-languages in the Neobux are english and portuguese languages .

- the minimum cashout for fiest time is from 2 dollars second time is 3 dollars and incrased until you reach 10 dollars ,and you can make any cashout even for a million dollar .
standard membership features :
- more than 4 ads per day
- 50% refferal commission and without cut any fees ( the refferral is get his totally payment )

golden membership features :
- up to 9 ads view per day
- 1 cent per your view
- 1 cent for refferral view

at first and to receive your payment you have to subscribe to ebank
and all the web money makers know the top electronic bank and accepted by neobux are :

to know more about this banks registeration steps from here( under writing )

to subscribe neobux from here

from the page you see join neobux from register now

fill all the form requested cells
important : in the alertpay / paypal account put your real ebank email
it's the place which your money will received in

after complete filling the requested data click continue

now you will receive email verification code , just open your email inbox and copy the code and paste in the site in the requested cell

congrats ! now your neobux account has been verefied
and you can login to your neobux account

enter your user name and your password
(don't enter the secondary password)
you can create it after first login

to view the advertisements click in view advertisements on the top right side of your page

click in the ads you see below in the page

note : your ads number is depending in your membership type

and now how could you get your refferrals link or banner ?

from the left side list you will found " banners "
click it to enter

in the banners page you will find your neobux refferral link which keep your commission rights if any body join the site from it

or you can choose abanner to puplish it in sites and forums to get money

as example my refferral link is

and my banner

and there is another very important notes

1 - don't create more than 1 account in any ptc site or your accounts will be deleted
2 - you can't view your ads more than one time daily
3 - even if you have thousands of dollars monthly coming from your refferrals you have to know you get your refferrals commission every day from your refferrals only when you view your ads , and if you doesn't you don't get youe refferrals commission for this day .

to know more about refferrals secrets and how you can get thousands of them
from here ( under writing )

and now you have know why Neobux is the best ptc site in the hole world
but what you haven't know is how you could earn more and get reefferrals to get the real thousands dollars monthly

the refferrals secrets and more you can get it full for free from here( under writing )

all what you have to know is only one thing
the secret to get more money in the ptc sites is the refferrals
more refferrals = more commissions = more money

make money safety online . start now with neobux

to make more money view our top ten ptc sites for 2010
from here ( under writing )

my best wishes

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4 Response to neobux the best ptc site 2010

غير معرف
٢٩ ذو القعدة ١٤٣١ هـ ٣:٣١ ص

New ptc and is in euros :)

١٧ محرم ١٤٣٢ هـ ١٢:٥٤ ص

السلام عليكم
اخى لو تريد نعمل تبادل لينكات
باك لينكس وزى مانت عارف ده مفيد للظهور ف ترتيب متقدم ف جوجل او غيره


هل تريد ربح المال من النت و كسب ألاف الدولارات ؟

عند اضافتى اعلمنى على الايميل حتى اضيفك فى مدونتى


غير معرف
١١ صفر ١٤٣٢ هـ ٢:٤١ م أدخل على الموقع ده تحتي و هابعت اكل واحد 2$ على ال paypal علشان يأجروا ريفيرالز و يكسبوا ما لا يقل عن 122% زيي أنا

١٣ ربيع الأول ١٤٣٢ هـ ٦:٠٥ ص

Thanks for the info, register now. want to sharing too, new ptc from biggest ads provider for Yahoo, Right Media. No Minimum adds to click, 9+ads/day, 0,8 cents/click, 1 cent per referral click. No Limited for direct referral.

Seru kan? ayo main ptc lagi. Thanks and C U :)

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