how to make your google adsense ads english only ?!!

it's not really hard for you to make money
from ads and controlling it

all you have to do is following this steps

1 - create some english topic's ( it's not necessary to remove your other language topics ) and make sure the tags are english .

2 - login your your google account , and from the home page of google you will found "google account settings" in the upper right corner enter it and from the new page choose " webmaster tools "

you will found the webmaster tools home page which contain every blogger ,forum or web site you already own

click on the site , and from new opened page look at the side list and from it choose site configuration-settings => then make your geographic target targeted in users from united states like the upper image .

then save your work and exit

after less than one hour your ads will be totally changed
our best wishes for you

arabian adsense adminstration

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