The only Paid-to-click Service you'll ever need
NeoBux is a free worldwide service available in both English and Portuguese language
This service consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement in this site and users to earn money by viewing those advertisements
The users click on the advertiser's advertisement and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser
After viewing the ad, the user gets credited with a pre-determined amount of cash on their NeoBux account.
You don't need to pay us to start earning. So, register now and start earning money for free
That's what friends are for
A referral is someone who works for you. A referral gets what every other user gets when they click ads: Money
But, if a user that clicks ads is your referral, you get money, too
There are two types of referrals and three ways of getting them
Direct referral: This user registered using your username as their referre
Rented referral: You rented them.
So, how do you get referrals? Here are the three ways you can do that
Use your banner:

Show Neobux banner online with a link to NeoBux with your username on that link (you can find the banners with the links in your account)

When the visitor clicks that banner, he/she will be sent here.

Then, all he/she has to do is register. Neobux'll take care of the rest for you


Just tell everyone to register at NeoBux and to type your username in the referrer field when they do so.


You can rent referrals monthly (30 calendar days) to work for you (this is not slavery... they win too).

Just go to your account to do so.

The quantity of referrals available will vary depending on how many users registered without a referrer.

You'll only get referrals that have clicked at least 10 advertisements in the past 5 days.
Pay daily using AutoPay:

You can activate AutoPay to extend your referrals' next payment date.

On the first click each referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep him/her for an extra day.

This is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to keep your referrals.

Also, you'll save 10%.

Recycle your referrals:

You can recycle each referral any time you want to.

Is your referral inactive or just clicks a few advertisements per day?

For just $0.07 you can replace him/her with a new active referral.

So, what are you waiting for
register now

There are another company for earning money

I'll tell u about it in nearest time

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